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There would be no downfall, not if Jellal had anything to say about it. What they committed to would just be another wonderful memory in a segment of life full of them. Now that they had come so far, Jellal would rip away at the bonds of fate itself just to keep her safe. One might have said that fighting was the reason to deny her, but again, that required sanity. Sanity was hard to come by when it meant sacrificing the opportunity presented to him. Her body called out to him, and her whisper did little better in dissuading him. They were at the precipice at what they both wanted, and only a simple push would bring them over that particular edge.

"This will be another first, Erza Scarlet," Jellal hotly countered, looking to ‘punish’ that errant statement with a hot toned kiss. In taking her lips, his tongue eagerly followed, looking to probe its way along the woman’s mouth. That was simply the way of his tongue, as greedy as the rest of him was. If he could, he would ensure that a great thing followed, again and again. This kiss, while hot, heavy, and leaving him breathlessly haggard, was one such thing. She had initiated, and he had received, and in all things, he looked to assert his lusting view. A tug of her lip, the feel of her wet skin, and a pull would do exactly that. Upon the ‘snap’ of release, he continued, haughtily, yet not without sympathy. “A first in our continued love for one another, and a first to dominate you in the periphery of others.”

Dominance, of course, needed to be acted upon in word as well as indeed. Thankfully, the position of his hands allowed for exactly that. With the soft, inviting mounds of flesh in hand, he could squeeze, and fondle them as he liked. They might as well have been his, with the gentle, yet noted force he applied so rightly to them. When he could, his thumbs looked to push against, or prod the bud of her nipples, only a few times daring to tug between thumb and forefinger. “I will watch you strip for me, Erza Scarlet, but it will not be at my will.” A tongue flicked upwards, licking already wet lips, and echoing the throb of his dick against his waist. "It will be at yours, when I drive you to that only, and final option.

You’ve made me greedy for your will, after all.”

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Escaping the madness in the situation that Erza desired it to be struck of pure madness. There were far too many variables, and far too many people to focus on to solely focus on just one woman. That would have been the rational person’s approach, and one divorced from Jellal’s frame of mine. To Jellal, Erza’s health was his life, and Erza herself was his love. Assuring both in one motion was heaven to him. The world could take care of itself, for a time, and he would concern himself with the individual. He would make Erza into the warrior she needed to be, and she would lead her guild to let another victory. For now, however, he needed to be her shield, and soothe any weakness found in her.

He could see it, the fatigue in her eyes, and the lethargy in her body. Jellal needed to cure her of that ache, or perhaps, lead her to peace while others lead Fairy Tail to victory. Erza Scarlet had fought for the guild, to the point that it had nearly killed her several times over. Let the others fight, while she recovered. It was good enough reason for him to submit to his will, and to hers. Those chocolate-tinted eyes could not be denied, nor could the woman herself. Always, and forever, he would be weak to Erza herself.

You will have my touch, for as long as my circumstances allow,” he vowed, with all the conviction that a low toned voice could muster. As verbose as he could be, he knew that his attention was needed elsewhere. Therefore, off came the breastplate, once tightly kept against his body. Off too came article after article, soon leaving him bare to her, and perhaps to the world outside. Now, he could feel her more, touch her more, and the grind of her hips now managed to draw a very strained groan from his aching body. "And you will have me, Erza Scarlet, for the rest of your life."

The reality of that matter at his fingertips invigorated him, and possessed him with a purpose against her body. Already, he could see her ample breasts pressuring the cloak, and demanding its own release. Jellal, in his perverted sense of ‘goodwill’, would aim to accommodate that. With only that layer of clothing between them, he ran his hands upwards, and along the mounds of flesh, gently stroking them, looking out for the aches, while looking to claim her lips with his own.

This was peace, this was perfection, and above all, it was Erza Scarlet.

The sounds behind her, the movement of fabric against flesh and the knowledge that her lover was meeting her current state of undress with her own. They were indeed stripped down bare in time when they should have been covering themselves in battle armour. Convention however, was not something that either of them were very good at. Their entire existence was likely to be fraught with danger, the line of various people that would like nothing more than either of the heads on a platter. Even so, there was not a single thought in Erza’s mind that they should stop. Even heroes needed the touch of their mate to rejuvenate their physical bodies and quiet restless minds.

That lone fact was the reason the Titania found herself bare and arching into the touch of the wanted Jellal Fernandes. He was her will, her constitution and the only medicine that could have her body in any shape to fight after enduring the pain she had. The sound of his soft noise in her ear was enough to brighten the colours in her mind, the focus of a warrior slowly coming back. Perhaps she should go join her Guild mates, they looked to her for strategy and planning, it wasn’t as if any of them were incapable, they were just hot headed and painfully stubborn. They were also her greatest friends, her family and a rock that had held her fast even in the most trying of times.

'Seeing you in this state will only distract them, and any distractions could end in death.'

There was little fight and no resistance left in Erza’s curvaceous body. Instead, she sought out the feeling of Jellal’s hands on her ample breasts, and the warmth of his touch. With a smile at the gentle palming, a smile spread across the mage’s lips, she spoke a whisper between them, "You needn’t worry about injuring me further. My body is broken, yes, but with your touch, I can feel myself on the mend. You are my heart and soul, my reason to live and the man that I want to take my last breath in the company of. Be it now, tomorrow or a hundred years from now, I will never let you go." With that, Erza leaned in to press her lips to his, enjoying the heat of his mouth and the sweet taste that made her drunk on him in no time. "If this battle is my last, I want this memory to take to my downfall."

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When Erza traced a delicate line across his jaw, Jellal felt himself forget about the severity of the situation. It was not that he thought to insult those fighting by acting so forgetful, but it was simply the power of Erza Scarlet herself. Even her memory had kept him alive, when the whole of the world clambered for his death. Now that he had her, the potent feeling of her presence carried ever so much more value. In chaos, he found his lips turn with a smile, and he found his body lean closer to her own. Vulnerable as though he was, he remained wholly with her spirit. Erza would have his attention, and barring a few specific instances, that would be where his attention remained. He had the rest of his life to make up for the abuses he had committed towards her, and he would do so for every day allowed.

He could see her, in the heat of it all, become calm at the thought of his touch. Jellal too felt himself become calm, and his breath lose the edge that combat had brought to it. He was in a world all his own, and it was a world that only allowed for her company. "If they do not understand my way, then I cannot afford to educate them. I have spent enough time waiting, and foolishly expecting the world to change," he lowly admitted, pressing his lips towards the shell of her ear. "I will act as I have, for the sake of light, and for your own sake. Individuals can judge, and they can criticize, but I am finished being bound by criticism. When I act for you, there is no force in the world that can stop me."

Strong words, without equally strong actions, were little more than paper tigers. Jellal’s will was not made out of something so weak, instead, it attained the texture of a dragon’s scaly hide. As such, when he acted, he acted with force. Prompted by the movements of her fingers, he edged closer, looking to press his body closer to her own, and allowing for his waist to lightly slide against her own. He permitted himself to rub once, then twice, but little more than that. Her hipbones were worked as well, before a light, and low laugh left his lips. "I suppose that I am something of a madman. The fight for the world itself is occurring all around us, and all that’s on my mind is you, Erza Scarlet.

You, and everything else has simply fallen away.”

It was a stigma that he’d been forced to fight for so long that Erza forgot that proving himself was second nature to Jellal. "You need not worry about my Guild judging you." Running her hand through the longer strands of hair around his jaw, Erza looked to settle any misgivings between the two most important things in her life. “For all hot headed foolishness, they trust me, and I trust you with my entire self. They may not understand, but they look to me as something of a leader, and therefore, they have learned to accept that there is much about you and I that they will never understand.”

With his hand tracing a fresh trail along her hips, and his body flush towards hers, Erza allowed her body to move against his. Her back to his chest, she arched her spine pushing her backside into him, asking, perhaps even begging for more. With his final statement, there was a the echo of a quiet laugh and a smile on her lips. "In that case, I am fully understanding. My body is beaten and bruised, but it yearns for you in such a way that it is impossible to ignore." As the movement against her back slowed, there came the reaction of her own body. Without thought of further foresight or consequence, her hips began a soft, fluid rocking motion.

"If you permit, I’d love to escape this madness, even if it’s only for a few moments." Turning her neck slightly, chocolate coloured eyes looked to at least see part of his expression. "I want to fall away from this madness and fall into you. To rest my mind, I wish its every thought on you. For healing my body, all I truly need is your touch." Perhaps it was exhaustion that lead her to be so brazen, but in this moment, the Titania was unbothered by her lack of focus on the battle.

Leaning her head back, feeling the warmth of his cheek against her temple, a gentle flex of her tired back allowed her backside to grind against his hips. Her chest pushed out, making her large breasts visible under the shifting cover of his cloak, there was no looking back from this moment. For all her fearing that their lives may indeed end in this great battle, there was no reason to waste a moment on useless worry.

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Jellal had many an individual to credit for his rise to the position of ‘leader’, some he’d praise with less restraint than others. Chief among his change was the woman at his side, taking solace in him, and praising the time they spent together. When the fog of hatred in his mind had cleared, it was only Erza that he could observe. Not even amnesia could sway him from the idea that it was right, and just to pursue strength in her name. Indeed, without their encounter in the bowels of evil, he would never have been anything more than a footnote in history. Indeed, all that he was happened to be owed to Erza, and he would defend her to the death.

"I look at your guild, and I do not see any ‘ease’ in it. You all came to this guild, broken and alone. In a crueler world, you would have been chewed up, and spat out with little consequence. Some of you already had life deal you the cruelest hand," he offered. At the thought of her own path, he found his hands pressed against her shoulders, looking to soothe the muscles, but not offer them the pain of excessive pressure. "When compared to my path, all of you seem to be my equals. I would not lord over any of you, when it comes to hardship. You have endured, and you all are standing. All of you are fighting. There is not a thing to think as ‘easy’ in your lives.”

Despite his selfless claim, he found himself dropping to the bed with surprising speed. The toll of his activities, from this very day, to all before it, made him look a man much older than his years let on. Indeed, his life had not been an easy one, and it would have been torture. Only his red haired beauty, his lovely warrior, and his peerless Titania kept him going, as did the legacy that Ultear entrusted him with. With only one of the two things in his sight, he looked to prop himself backwards, while attempting to bring Erza back with him.

"I feel as if I need to make it fair on any foe that chooses to seek us out. I will lay on my back, and give them a second’s worth to contemplate the sort of mistake they have made," he began, tracing a callused thumb along the woman’s cloaked waist. "I will let them consider what fools they are, for daring to step into your presence, and to dare cause you harm.

Today, I am yours. Tomorrow, I am yours. For the rest of my life, I am yours, and I will keep you safe until the world itself is safe for us both.”

Perhaps he was correct, Natsu, Gray, Mirajane, none had seen their years pass without heartache and pain. The difference however, was that they had their Guild, through all of their hardships, they now had each other, and having had that for some time had helped the wounds that time had dealt them heal. While scars remained, the bleeding had stopped. Erza couldn’t help but wonder, and hope the Jellal had found the same in someone, anyone. Even in the quietest of times, Erza Scarlet could be found sitting on the sill of her bedroom window, looking up at the stars and wondering if the man she loved would ever heal. Was it her that caused him pain? If it was, the Titania would remove herself from his life, from his mind, and allow the forward progress of healing.

It was a curse that seemed to plague them both, the fear of hurting the other. It was a thought that she couldn’t help but smile at as his hands gently touched her shoulders. Through him, she felt her strength return, the ability to used her sharpened senses returning. Letting her head lull forward, Erza felt her muscles pull and release under the careful ministrations of Jellal’s hands. "Many in my Guild do not understand where you’ve come from, or can put themselves in your place, but it’s not for lack of effort on their part. All of us, every one of us has suffered too much not to be cautious. It would simply be foolish not to do so."

Suddenly, the bed beneath her shifted and once again, her body fell into Jellal’s. There was no point in wasting the effort to attempt to bite back the smile that pulled her lips as her hand touched her waist. "I’m not sure now is an ideal time to be partaking in such a thing." While she spoke the words, she never sought to stop his roaming thumbs along her hipbones. "Though, any time I seen you, I wish for such a moment when we can do so. Thoughts of you are always on mind, in my heart, and driving my body towards you." Raising a dirty hand, she traced the strong line of his jaw, not caring for the dirt, blood or surroundings, she was safe, he was safe and they were together. Knowing that fact, Erza knew there was no fight against such actions in this place. "If this fight were to end with us on the losing side, I’d hate to waste a moment when I could be with you."

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"You never need to do, or say anything that would put me in danger. Whenever you are in need, I will appear. You cannot stop me from doing so, Erza Scarlet, not when you hold so much of my heart."

Argue as though his companion would about the content of his speech, she would do the same if no other option presented itself. When it came to their safety, none were more hypocritical than Erza, and Jellal. The both of them urged nonintervention, in an effort to assure their safety, but would gladly lay down their lives to guarantee the other’s survival. That was the depth of their concern, and it was as vast as Earthland itself. In knowing this, Erza had to know that he could not leave her. Not even in the face of armageddon itself would he think to do something like that. For her, he was her greatest protector, and for her, he was her greatest fool.

Even in the midst of this chaos, he found himself completely at ease. This, above all, was due to the feeling of Erza finding solace in his body, and bringing her lips to his neck. It had been so long since he had the pleasure of her touch, that feeling it now was enough to blind his senses to the world around him. There was only the sweetness of her touch, and the feeling of her form clinging to his own. As her protector, he held her to him with an arm around the small of her back, and as her lover, he pressed his lips along the matted strands that marked her forehead. In this, he found a heat that would bring warmth to even the coldest heart.

Heated as though he was, and grateful as though he certainly was, he could not accept the idea of leaving. Meredy remained unaccounted for in the halls, and there was a chance that she was in need of his help. Leaving his comrade, and Ultear’s true will behind struck him as overwhelmingly callous. The Oracon Seis, as well, were fighting for their freedom in this deadly zone. After all he had promised them, it would be simple foolishness to leave them to their own devices.

"I cannot, in good conscience, leave the entirety of this place. There are too many people here that rely on my services," he replied, but partially assented to her wishes. Walking, slowly but surely, he looked to find a vacant room for the both of them to take solace in. Much to his luck, he found the domain of a grunt, unoccupied, but simply furnished. At the least, there was a bed, and with speed, he ushered the both of them towards it. “We will find rest here, and if any foe looks to disturb you, I’ll crush them. This much I swear, Erza Scarlet.”

For all of the chaos and pain they’d lived there lives through, Erza, even in her weakened state, found it astounding that Jellal was able to balance the needs of others above himself. Not only others, but hers specifically. Amid the crumbling rubble, the atmosphere of death and destruction, her needs were put above all others without abandoning a single person. How had a man who’d been through Hell, bent and broken by the hands of wickedness, somehow kept a cool head and a kind heart?

It was simply Jellal.

While she had her mind trapped in nothing but her lover and friend, his mind was moving. When he moved to search around, Erza found that she could stand a little straighter, the strength that had been drained from her body slowly reviving. Not a word or a whisper came from her mouth as he moved, just an overwhelming sense of steadiness and fortitude. It was a telling tale that the steadfast leader of Fairy Tails front line was voiceless, motionless and calm even while the very walls around her were being torn down.

Suddenly whisked away, gentle words from a kind voice in her ear as they moved, Erza’s back was met with the welcome reprieve of a bed. Dark eyes fell to her saviour, and amid all the savagery around them, there was clarity. “You have grown into a fearless leader, Jellal. For all those times I thought you were lost, you were simply taking steps down your own path.” Pulling the heavy cloak around her, Erza took a deep breath, feeling her bruised ribs pressed by inhaling lungs. “Compared to you, the rest of us have had our paths laid very easily, you’re who’s been forced to fight at every turn, and yet your are here. Looking out for your faction, my guild and me.”

There was no remorse, no responsibility, no blame. Their paths were simply meant to bring them closer together, only to pull apart once again. Erza despised the pain that he had felt, the time they missed together, but now, even now was a moment that was born of that. “Come and sit down. You’ve been fighting as well, and you need to rest. If an intruder should arise, it will have to face both of us.”

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 Jellal would not have faulted her in she had given in. If it spared Erza pain, he might have taken greater strides to the location of the enemy, even if it meant that he was under-prepared. Some might have called that the act of a fool, and he would not have disagreed. He was all things for Erza Scarlet, so long as it meant that she would be free of pain. A safe, and sedated world was his ultimate goal for the both of them. She would never find herself in a world like this, not as long as he drew breath. After Tartaros had met defeat, and after Zeref’s ills were stamped out, they would be free. They would be free, and she would be without blemish for the rest of his life.

"They’ve kidnapped a great many of you," he intoned, before yet another violent intrusion drew his attention. Much to his satisfaction, said intrusion was not that of Tartaros-based reinforcements, but a great movement of Fairy Tail itself. Despite the abject horror that awaited them within, it was good to know that their spirit was not dampened. No matter the foe, Fairy Tail stood resolute, and looked to dominate their enemies at the source of it all. "But in doing so, they’ve brought a greater amount of aggression against them."

Following his statements came a slight movement on his part, one that lent itself nicely to Erza’s request. In the span of a few instance, his cloak was removed, cast away from his shoulders, only to be offered to Erza’s own form. If she had her magical presence in all its glory, he knew that she would have removed herself of naked vulnerability. Instead, the wounded, and bloodied warrior put her trust in him. Once again, Jellal would make sure her choice was not made in error.

"I am here for you," he admitted, knowing that his motives were selfish at heart. Truly, he fought against evil, but what he fought for was far more limited in scale. Only two individuals merited a great crusade: Meredy, and Erza. The former was fought for so that she would have a world to call her own, and one where she would suffer not a single soul’s worth of loss. The latter, of course, had spelled out their future many times over. Following his offer of the coat came the motion of his hands, looking to hold her close, while carnage occurred all around them. "And you are a far greater individual than most.

If it meant sparing you of agony, I would have welcomed their assault against me. Instead, you took it all upon yourself. You…Erza Scarlet…your compassion never ceases to baffle me.”

Had it been any other person, Erza Scarlet would have scavenged the strength from the depths of her beaten body to requip. But it was not. Jellal Fernandes had come to her rescue and salvation, pulling her down from the chains that had bound her captive for a time that she had grown unable to keep up with. All the while, her resolve had been kept by a simple fact, she’d give her life for her guild mates, and her soul for Jellal.

While she had been held captive, listening to nothing but her ragged breathing, the breaking of skin, and bruising of flesh, the same questions asked over and over, the last string of her resolve had not been broken. Not a fray in the thread could be detected, and for that, she was grateful. “I’d never consider doing or saying anything that could put you in danger.”

The warmth that his cloak provided aided greatly in bringing her mind back to the present, away from the place her thoughts had retreated to keep from falling. She was the Titania, it was hers never to sink, regardless of turbulent waters around her. “If my Guild is here, then the enemy will be defeated.” When the exhausted frame of her body was pulled close, Erza allowed her eyes to fall shut, tucking her face into the crook of his neck and for a brief moment, allowed herself to breathe. “You should know by now that there is nothing I won’t do for you, Jellal. I would slam the doors of Heaven and put of the fires of Hell for you. I’ve allowed you to slip through my fingers too many times as it stands, that won’t happen again.”

Though her lips were dry and cracked, it did nothing to stop her from placing them on the side of his neck, feeling the beat of his heart beneath them. “You need to get out of here, quickly.” Lifting her head, matted red strands clinging to sweat stained cheeks, Erza Scarlet felt her body warm as if coming back from the dead, coming to life once again. “I will go with you, until I can regain some power, I am useless. Natsu and the others are waging their attack and looking for Mirajane. The best thing for them is to have me back to full strength, rather than in my current state.”

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Being the means to an end was something Jellal was used to, even moreso once he had his memories return to him. For all his life, he had been a pawn, fulfilling the goals of those with cruel designs on the world. First, it had been Ultear, who manipulated him for so many years. After the removal of her grip on him, it had been Brain who revived him, simply to use him as yet another pawn. Even after his failed attempt, he had become the pawn of the Magic Council. If they had their way, he would have died in captivity, as a focal point for their form of justice.

Therefore, to say that the woman he had pummeled had designs on him did not even register as a threat. If she wanted him, then she would have to pummel him until he was little more than an unrecognizable smear. With the hate that he held for the enemy, especially after what they had done to Erza Scarlet, that was a tall order. If their foe could achieve victory, then he would accept that. For now, he would free that which the enemy had bound, and damn anyone who stepped in his way.

"I am, and that means nothing to me. The moment they kidnapped you, they made themselves an enemy of my cause," he intoned, noting the shaking form of the woman he had struck. Indeed, he might have focused his hate on her, if not for the flaming fist of another made its appearance known. It appeared as though the jailbreak process had already started, and that their once-impenetrable fortress was becoming a den of anarchy. “If you are hurt, I will heal you. If you are brought to tears, then I will wipe them away. If you are captured, Erza Scarlet, then I will move heaven and earth to secure your freedom.”

The way that her body was tied up sent shudders of a different sort down his spine, and left a tingling sensation slightly below it.. Even so, he shook off that thought with the shake of the head. He had better things to do than to succumb to petty lust. The cries of combat, and the patches of blood he could barely observe made that clear. With haste, he moved to face her bound form, and with fury, he looked to rip away all that kept her tied away.

"You’re safe," he whispered. “Safe from all that would harm you.”

Jellal had seen her unclothed, stripped down to her mortal body and her sheer desire for him, but to be seen in such a state, even with the blood and bruises, Erza could not help but feel ashamed. With as modest of a display as possible, the Titania turned her head to the side, even as her wrists and ankles were freed. It was a rare think indeed for her to be seen in such a position of utter wreckage. Pain flowed through veins like blood, heart racing like the finish of a marathon, there was nothing to do but fall lifeless into the arms of her beloved.

If it had been Natsu, or Gray, there would be less shame at her utter defeat, but this time, it was Jellal who came for her. With her voice but a raspy whisper, she spoke, thankful that her lips were this close to his ear. “I wasn’t expecting you, please, may I borrow your coat?” While her body yearned to be healed of these wounds, the first thing that crossed her mind, was the exposure that her skin had.

"Are you alone, or did the others accompany you?" There was no doubting the magic he had, and it would be of little surprise if her beloved had barged in by himself, but he was smarter than that. Jellal Fernandes was nothing if not resourceful and prepared for even the most out of the ordinary situations. "They have Mirajane."

Reality suddenly slammed back to her mind as it was slowly brought back to life by a few left strained breaths. “They said something of her and demons, but I’ve been so out of it.” Trying to raise her head, Erza failed, blood soaked hair sticking to her neck and cheeks. “I told them nothing, I would never give you up, no matter the consequences.”

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For once, he would be the man that saved her.

That thought burned itself in the back of his mind, while he lead his motley contingent to where she was held. Cobra had been a great help in that matter, as his nose told no lies. Not even their grand structure could keep her scent safe from him, even if he was a little reluctant to embark on that venture. As a matter of fact, all of his ‘loyal’ allies wanted to drag themselves in different directions. Only a clash of wills, and a tug of bodies had bound them to his will. They could go where they wanted, and do what they pleased, but first, they had to bend to his will. To their hated master, they had to do one more thing, and then they would be free.

For what he did to them, he would always be wracked with regret. After they had been cut loose, he hoped that they could find peace. Most were simply cruel victims of fate, fate that only a more diabolical figure could seek to exploit. Jellal had been that man, if only for a time. Now that he was free, he was so much a better man. He was a man worthy to live, and to breathe on terms his own. Those terms intertwined with the terms of another, and said other was someone he did not wish to live without.

Erza Scarlet, his one love, was away from him, and was in agony. He did not need to be near her to know that, and he did not need Meredy’s sensory link to understand that. If she was in the care of the enemy, then she was not well. That was the simple truth of war, and at the moment, she was a captive. As such, he was going to save her, while the others raised hell, and freed others that mind have been rendered captive. Tartaros was not going to end, and if Zeref’s evil was to return, it would do so over his dead body.

With the force that he had brought to bear against the enemy, it was no surprise that their walls cracked like nothing against them. Venom flew, angels acted, and in the end, he was left alone. He was left to find her. Celestial energy burned, and twisted around his body, giving him the strength to do what needed to be done. In an instant, he moved, crossing the span between him, and her, within moments. Upon finding her, he felt his body twist in rage, and hate guide his movements.

Hate brought his palm into the enemies chest, and hate, coupled with vast moment, sent the enemy hurtling through several walls. For a time, hate was then pressed aside, only to grant this woman, his woman, a look of deep concern.

"No more, Erza Scarlet. No more.”

It had long since passed the point when Erza was able to keep an active waking and sleeping pattern. Her focus, or rather what was left of it, was fixed on Mirajane and hoping that her companion was The muscles and tendons in her arms were stretched and aching, the weight of the strain and her heavy chest making breathing difficult. Perhaps it was that distraction that made her unaware of the approach of Jellal and the Crime Sorciere.

Erza had escaped the pain and constant questioning by retreating to a place in her mind that nobody could reach her. A reel of memories, a childhood filled with dirt and grime, but filled with the thought of a blue haired boy who gave her the name Scarlet. Kyouka’s lash threatened to tug her away, alabaster skin set ablaze by the strike, but the pain only sent her further behind the protective barrier her mind had built.

With her head hanging low, not of submission, but in an effort to give her body a chance to store at least some energy for the fight that would surely come, Erza stayed silent, not a whisper or whimper from her. The guild would surely be laying siege soon, and when that happened the vicious and taunting tormenter that was tearing her flesh would be made to pay.

Unaware until a wave of magic crashed over her, signalling the Titania that the battle for her freedom had become, Ezra found that for a brief second, her and Kyouka wore the same shocked expression. “J—-Jellal,” the sound of her own voice was nearly unrecognisable. Had she been taken so low that hardly a word could be uttered past dry, bleeding lips. Be careful. The need to scream at him to care for his own safety was strong, but his magic was stronger, Erza bringing her head to touch the inside of her stretched arm to protect herself from the shock of power he had unleashed.

Suddenly, she felt like that small child again, afraid and seeking out comfort. “Jellal, please, … don’t come near her. You are what she has been searching for.”

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Once again, Erza found herself shaken from an exhausted type of unconsciousness by pain wracking her body. The simple pressure of her bound wrists pulled unnaturally and painfully above her head, chains biting dirty, sweat coated skin was only amplified with each struggle. Naked and bound, battered and bruised, bloodied and beaten. She was not defeated however. No, it would take far more than physical pain to subdue her allegiance to her guild and her love for Jellal.

The fear of the safety of the others was forefront in her thoughts, knowing that Mirajane was being held in this pitiable Hell as well. They had been taken by a fraud, protected a traitor and now, there would be consequences. Kyouka had been abusing her body daily, more often than not, and in the moments of silence in the room, there was nothing short of terror. Natsu and the rest would surely be on their way, facing the army of Tartarus. Jellal, who was a special and hunted target would likely also find himself facing the enemies of Fairy Tail.


His name was burned in her heart and etched on her mind, but it would not fall from her lips. Not when there was a way she could protect him, even if it meant her own downfall. There would be hope somewhere, reprieve before death and their eyes meeting once more.

"No." The sound of her voice was nearly unrecognisable, but the firmness behind it had not waned. The next breath was halted in her throat by a heavy backhand striking her cheek, an explosion of colour bursting before her eyes as pale skin turned crimson. “I’ve told you time and time again, Kyouka, I have no idea where Jellal is.”

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